Welcome to XtranetGroup

Xtranet Solutions provides business consulting, IT solutions, desktop publishing and other related secretarial services to individuals, business and institutions at a competitive value for money fee. The staff at Xtranet Solutions collaborates with diverse international market and marketing intelligence networks to provide top notch solutions for clients.

Xtranet Solutions uses state of the art open source applications for which intelligent user friendly interface is developed and specifically tailored to clients´ needs. This makes on the job training and field assignments easy to handle and integrate into core business application or used as a standalone product.

At Xtranet Solutions every task is customized according to client´s time schedule, business structure and style as well as budgeted resources available to client, this does not in any way undermines the integrity of quality. At Xtranet Solutions we want to emphasize the need for quality and customer satisfaction not necessarily on how much a customer is willing and able to pay.

Xtranet Solutions is ready to give you timely update on the progress of the work assigned to them including an agreeable realistic timeline for completion and delivery of final task. Anything contrary to this is seen as a direct failure of our main objective, thus creating room for a prompt refund of 25% of total amount paid by client.