IT Services and Consultancy

This is a combination of premium web design, IT solution which includes data security management, development of enterprise resource platform for business client (ERP), …

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Business consultancy

This area of expertise includes the ability to undertake market and marketing analysis of any given product to ascertain the products viability in a given market.

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Is an e-commerce portal with a strategic e-marketing framework customized to fit individual client’s needs. The portal provides consumer to consumer (c2c), ….

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Our Recent product

ERP/CRM Application

ERP/CRM System: Xtranet deploys customized enterprise resource management software. The package comes with an in-depth application training to help reduce long term maintenance and reliability costs. The initial cost for deploying this solution makes it a preferred package than a direct or database integration package. Configuration, data migration and other extensions with third-party software is handled concurrently with designated personnel training.

Learning Management System

Our LMS (Learning management system) is a virtual or internet based learning system. It help teachers and instructors to upload courses online for students. It also serves as a virtual interactive portal between both teachers and students